Strategic Business Advisory Consultant


Achieving success in the marketplace requires a coordinated effort of many individuals, where the leader illuminates the way, sets the tone of the organization, influences and directs others, and orchestrates organizational activities towards achieving a shared vision.  Research by 1p1e3 founder Dr. Pete Brennan reveals that a specific dual-strength leadership in transformational and authentic leadership is attainable and applicable to the formal and informal leaders at all levels of your organization. Add leadership coaching to help you build a leadership infrastructure latticed with uncompromising integrity but welcomes and rewards innovation and builds leadership into every level so your organization endures for years to come.


There is a danger in thinking what worked in the past will work forever.  Competitors and substitute offerings emerge and change, consumer preferences change, the environment changes - all redefining the rules of the game.  Thoughts of "we've always done it this way" must change as well.  Strategy is about finding the unique fit between your business and your environment that makes you successful. Unlike sporting events, in business the game never ends and there are no timeouts. Do not let the game pass you by -  add that new wrinkle to your offense now.  An independent and objective consultation with 1p1e3 may illuminate some blind spots that can occur from becoming "too close to see it".  Consider 1p1e3 for:

  • Strategic Business Planning - being prepared for ABC-TV's Shark Tank is just the beginning
  • Process Optimization / Efficiency / LEAN
  • Value Chain Analysis 
  • Brand Messaging, Slogans, Tag Lines
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Change Management

Our Services.

1 + 1 = 3 ... when you bring the right ones together(tm)


Our mission is uniquely analyzing your business, creating risk-adjusted strategies intentioned on maximizing the value of your resources and investments, and guiding you through their execution.  Regardless of where the threats to enduring viability may reside in your organization, be it the many areas where leadership and strategy play a role, improving value chain efficiencies, becoming more innovative, instilling transformational and entrepreneurial mindsets, 1p1e3 has you covered.