1 + 1 = 3 ... when you bring the right ones together(tm)

meet Your Strategist

Business Philosophies

  • changing the world rather than waiting for the world to change;
  • thriving over surviving - rare is the business than can establish long-term viability by treading water;
  • being proactive instead of reactive - constantly playing catch-up is an unenviable position;
  • challenging the status quo - creating new paths to new destinations;
  • leveraging core competencies in new ways - maximum benefits from what you do best; and
  • valuing all clients, and working towards a rewarding engagement and win-win outcome.

Customer Value

​Offering unparalleled focus on and responsiveness to clients, and remaining committed to insightful assessments and creating strategic solutions customized to each client's unique needs. Solutions that will help them operate more effectively, efficiently, and profitably and offers the potential for agility, higher profits, and pricing power over competitors.  A holistic approach in crafting strategic solutions is focused on providing long-lasting benefits to clients, whose success is considered the greatest reward.

Who Is Dr. Pete

Building on a career rooted in technology organizations, project/product manager and leader, Dr. Pete Brennan now - bolstered by graduate and Ph.D. degrees in business - through which he further crystalized his personal "Leading Beyond Tomorrow" (tm) branding - expands his scope via a management consultant and business catalyst role.  He is defined by integrity and strategic thinking quantitative analytics, and an ability to identify more optimal paths.  His critical thinking abilities and attention to detail ensure that all the angles of your business are considered.

Strategic Business Advisory Consultant